The better contact reliable and safe


The Austrian family business BENEDICT produces Low Voltage Switchgear that distinguish
themselves from their competitors through their special features. Decades of experience in Research
and Development are the basis for the excellent reliability of the Contactors, Thermal Overload
Relays, Motor Starters, Circuit Breakers, Load Disconnectors, Cam Switches, and Push Buttons.

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Key Switches M10 UP ..+SA

Security against unauthorized startups.
Fit into underplaster switch sockets acc. to EN 60670.
1 up to 6 poles available, max. 3 switching cell (max. 2 poles / cell).



Capacitor Switching Contactors K3-18NBK..

Large box terminals for cables up to 16mm²
For 3 phase Capacitors up to 12,5 kVAr (400V)
Thermal properties and overload factors improved
International approbations


Main Contactors for electrical devices

Specifically developed for IEC 60335 applications
Switch AC1 loads up to 52A
Space saving design, large box terminals
International approbations


Mini DC-Isolators for Photovoltaic

Mini Switch Disconnectors LSM are equipped with 2 or 4 switchable,
singular contacts. By serial or parallel wiring of the contacts the
contact ratings will be increased.


DC-operated contactors KG3-..D.. up to 11kW / AC3

The integrated aux. contact is suitable for electronic circuits
(double contact 17V, 5mA), the contactor can be directly
controlled from PLC.


M10HD Cam Switches

With double contacts for highest contact reliability, suitable for
electronic circuits.


Micro Contactors

Relay-size contactor, smallest in the world.

>3 mm contact clearance acc. to IEC 60335-1 for Safety

Reversing contactor with mechanical interlock.


Electronic Timer K3-T180 240
replace Pneumatic Timer K2-TP..

5 functions,
4 time ranges,
no auxiliary voltage necessary,
control voltage 24-240V AC and DC,
width 22,5mm, 1 change-over contact


DC-Switch Disconnectors for Photovoltaic

Reliable switching up to 58A and 1000V DC.
Worldwide first approved according to UL508 i.
"TÜV-Rheinland" approval available.

Double security based on patented "LOCK"-function.


DC-Contactors for Photovoltaic

Reliable switching up to 450A and 1000V DC.
DC-Contactors are applicable as remote controlled fire
protection defeat devices.


Modular Contactor 2-pole 40A and 63A.

High power ratings, space saving design.


Space saving handles

Fit to all 3- and 4- pole Main Switches and DC-Switch
disconnectors, space saving design for installation boards.